<transcy>Boerenmulder 'forgotten' cheese +-300 grams vacuumed</transcy>

Boerenmulder 'forgotten' cheese +-300 grams vacuumed

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Near the Slikken van Flakkee, is the family business of Kaasboerderij Mulder.

Sjaak, Tonny and Stefan Mulder prepare artisanal cheese here, continuing a family tradition spanning more than 45 years. The taste of this golden yellow product has been further refined over the years.

Kaasboerderij Mulder is also a sustainable company, due to the use of solar panels, among other things. In the future they hope to be energy neutral. Craftsmanship, authenticity and sustainability are the key words that apply very specifically to cheese from the Mulder family.


Boeren mulder forgotten cheese is a Gouda cheese prepared with raw milk. The cheese is distinguished by a perfect balance of ripening crystals and pronounced taste. The Mulder family cannot say exactly how old this cheese is. The story goes that he had forgotten these cheeses and still had them lying on a number of shelves somewhere in the back of his farm! Hence the name forgotten cheese.