<transcy>Brabant blue +- 300 grams vacuumed</transcy>

Brabant blue +- 300 grams vacuumed

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It should be clear: our passion is cheese. Organic cheese that is.

For us, cheese is much more than cheese. It's a world of cows,

sheep and goats walking outside.

In green and unsprayed meadows, where - in addition to livestock - you have an enormous diversity

of plants and animals. It is a world of farmers who share our passion for organic.

And produce the milk for our cheeses with great dedication and craftsmanship.

Pure nature.


Driven by his passion, Jan Bastiaansen developed a combination between the Dutch Gouda and the French Roquefort fungus. This marriage resulted in the 'Brabants Blauw', which is still the showpiece of Bio Kaas.