<transcy>Truffle cheese + -300 gram vacuumed</transcy>

Truffle cheese + -300 gram vacuumed

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With a great dose of curiosity, inventive spirit and above all traditional craftsmanship, Jirco Vlooswijk and colleagues from Montfoort developed Le Petit Doruvael. The name is derived from the Doruvael Cheese Farm and means: DOor RUilvercodeling OF ELders.

We want to keep up with the times. Our 100 dairy cows and an additional 40 head of young stock provide our company with a viable foundation. Furthermore, we are committed to the environment, nature and landscape. We use as little fertilizer as possible to achieve good grass production without impacting the environment. We are also a member of an agricultural nature association and we do all kinds of things for nature. We protect meadow birds and plant bushes on the corners of the plots, so that all kinds of animals can settle here.


Le Petit Doruvael Truffel is a creamy, tasty Dutch farm cheese. A washed rind cheese with a taste that resembles a Trappist cheese. This cheese is in perfect balance with the refined, aromatic black truffle.