Cheese Boards With Ultimate Cheese Wine Pairings

Are you also a fan of a well-stocked cheese board with a delicious bottle of wine? Be welcome at Kaasbar Amsterdam, where we offer you the ultimate cheese experience! Our menu has been carefully constructed, from mild to strong, to allow your taste buds to gradually get used to the different flavors and textures.  

Menu card layout

Welcome to Kaasbar Amsterdam, where we offer you the ultimate cheese experience! Our menu has been carefully constructed, from mild to strong, to gradually get your taste buds used to the different flavors and textures.

Four Categories

We have divided our cheeses into four categories: white flora cheeses, red flora cheeses, hard Gouda cheeses and spicy blue cheeses. Start with softer and milder cheeses, then move on to harder and spicier varieties, and finish with the soft and strong blue cheeses.

Unique Garnish

We have selected a unique garnish for each cheese. Take for example our white king, a soft white flora cheese, combined with dark chocolate and crunchy granola. These combinations provide a harmonious taste experience.


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Of course, wine should not be missed with cheese. Our sommelier has carefully selected a suitable wine for each cheese. In general, we recommend white wine for milder cheeses and red wine for heavier cheeses. For the spicy blue cheeses we recommend fortified wines such as Madeira, Pedro Xeminez or Pommeau de Normandie. First take a sip of wine, then taste a piece of cheese with the matching garnish and finish with another sip of wine for the ultimate wine and food experience.


To neutralize your palate between cheeses, we serve date bread, crackers and water. This way you can always start fresh with the next cheese-wine combination.

Local Products

At Kaasbar Amsterdam we attach great importance to local products. Our cheeses mainly come from artisanal small-scale Dutch farmers. For example, take a look at the website of Mathildeskaas, a small cheese farmer in Amsterdam West, or discover the cheese farmers of Oudwijker, located near Utrecht. All our cheeses come from the Netherlands.


We look forward to welcoming you soon to our cheese bar for an unforgettable cheese experience! Book online now at www.kaasbar.amsterdam.



  • Goedenavond!

    Wat een leuk concept. Is het toevallig ook mogelijk om dit te combineren met een wijnproeverij?

    Ik hoor graag van jullie.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Mathijs Teerds

    Mathijs Teerds
  • Hi , I have ceoliac desease & was wondering if you can cater for me when I come with my friend on a trip next weekend please. I have to be careful with cross contamination & follow gluten free diet. I really hope you can help.
    Kind Regards
    Jayne Kirk

  • Goedenavond,

    een vriend van mij wordt binnenkort 30 en vertrekt naar New York, maar is dol op kaas.
    Voordat hij daarheen gaat zou ik graag een borrelavond hier cadeau doen aan hem. Is het mogelijk een giftcard te maken van €50,-? Of is doen jullie dat niet?


    Cleo Kerkhof

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