The Magic of 'Fransje'

Cheese lovers looking for an authentic cheese experience need look no further than 'Fransje' from Mathilde's Kaas. This special cheese, which originated in the Netherlands, has won the hearts of gourmets. In this blog we delve deeper into 'Fransje' and discover why it is an absolute must-try for anyone who loves cheese.

The Lindenhoff Farm
To fully understand the story of 'Fransje', we must start at the source: the Lindenhoff farm. Located in picturesque Baambrugge, Netherlands, the Lindenhoff farm has a long history of sustainable agricultural practices and artisanal food production. This farm is known for its dedication to producing high-quality and organic products.

The Secret of 'Fransje'
The secret behind the delicious taste of 'Fransje' lies in the production process. The milk for this cheese is collected from the Lindenhoff farm, where the cows enjoy a healthy and natural diet. The raw milk is then carefully processed using traditional cheese making methods.

This special cheese from Mathilde is produced with pasteurized milk from the blaarkop cows of farmer Dirco in Baambrugge. What makes this cheese really special is that it is curdled in the same way as goat cheeses. The organic milk provides a creamy, full cheese. During ripening, this cheese even acquires a hint of blue mold, which gives it extra character. The Mathilde cheese is at its best after ripening for 2 to 4 weeks.

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French fries served with 'Quince Chutney' and 'Smoked Almonds'

'Fransje': A Cheese with Character
'Fransje' is a cheese with character, and you notice that immediately when you take a bite. It is a semi-hard cheese with a texture that is perfectly balanced between creamy and firm. What really makes this cheese special is its flavor profile.

A rich combination of flavors unfolds with every bite of 'Fransje'. You will discover hints of nuttiness, light spiciness and a hint of sweetness. The cheese has a subtle saltiness, and the texture is smooth with a pleasant crumbliness.

How to Enjoy 'Fransje'
It is important to appreciate 'Fransje' properly to experience the full flavor. Therefore, combine this cheese with the right drink. We combine 'Fransje' with a Weissburgunder or an Affligem Blond.


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