Cheese boards with ultimate cheese and wine combinations

Are you also a fan of a well-filled cheese board with a delicious bottle of wine?

For an ultimate cheese tasting, you have come to the right place at our cheese bar in Amsterdam! Here you will find 6 tips that make the ideal cheese board for us.


We prefer to eat the cheeses from mild to strong.

Style of the cheese

We build them up in 4 different categories; White flora cheeses, red flora cheeses, hard Gouda cheese and to finish, spicy blue cheese. The structure and style of the cheese is also important, start with softer, milder cheeses. Then go to some harder spicy cheese and finish with soft blue stronger cheese.


We have combined each cheese with a unique garnish, such as our white king; We have combined a soft white flora cheese with dark chocolate and crunchy granola.

Wine, this can make or break your cheese!

The classic combination with cheese is of course wine. In general, we choose white wine for the milder cheeses and a red wine for the heavier cheeses.

Our sommelier has selected wine per cheese, which we can serve per cheese on glass, we advise you to first take a sip of wine, then a piece of the cheese with pairing and to finish with another sip of wine. The ultimate wine food experience! The spicy blue cheeses also go wonderfully with fortified wine. Such as Madeira, Pedro Xeminez or Pommeau de Normandie.

Flavor palette

In between the cheeses we serve date bread, crackers and water to neutralize your taste palette. So you can continue with the next cheese wine combination!

Cheese selection

Our cheeses mainly come from traditional small-scale Dutch farmers. For example, take a look at the website of Mathildes cheese, a small cheese farmer in Amsterdam West. Or the cheese farmers of Oudwijker near Utrecht. All our cheeses come exclusively from the Netherlands anyway.

We'll see you soon in the cheese bar for the ultimate cheese experience!

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